New Handout & Training For Adults Aged 65+

Top 7 Posture Exercises Handout & Training

"Use This Free Handout & Video Training To Quickly Address Your Posture By Using This Easy Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Keep Tall and Avoiding a Hump Back!"

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Here's What You'll Learn From The Handout And During This Training...

  • Learn the top 7 posture exercises and stretches (with pictures and full descriptions) focused on building strength in your upper and lower back where we typically are weaker to help avoid the unwanted "forward head", "rounded shoulder" or "hunchback" postures
  • Find out the best ways to reduce stress to your neck and back to assist with keeping your spine straighter and to help lessen that unattractive 'hump' in the upper back
  • Discover how to properly position your sit bones and neck throughout the day to help with keeping you comfortable in your favorite chair while you enjoy a TV show or while reading a book

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